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Rates, Registration Policies and Available Packages

Class Registration:
Most classes are registered on a monthly basis, unless otherwise noted.  Monthly classes begin the first Wednesday or Friday of the month and continue through the end of the month.  Missed classes must be made up in another class by month’s end, or by the end of a class session’s period.  Some classes may be combined, due to class need and size.

$20.00/Person per Class (One Hour or 45 Minutes)
Average Monthly Tuition:  $60.00 - $75.00/Person/One Weekly Class (Choose your day to attend - have to miss a class?  Make it up by months' end in another class.  Want more than one a week?  Extra classes are $15.00 as long as you are registered for the month.)
Students are welcome to take additional classes throughout the month and can sign-in and pay before the class begins.  If a specific class is closed or has restrictions, it will be noted, as some classes may require permission to attend.
It is only necessary to register for one weekly class for the entire month, although registration is suggested for additional classes to ensure your place.  Early/Advance registration is suggested, although students can register on the day of/just before the monthly class (or session) begins, providing the class is not full - students should arrive 15 minutes early before any class session begins.

* Note:  A minimum of 6 is required to hold a class.  For groups of 4 or 5, $20.00/person/class and registered for the month.

Youth classes are currently registered for a one or two-month duration.  Registration for Other Sessions and Special Workshops will be noted for the duration period along with any special requirements.

Drop-In Class Fee (if applicable):  $25.00/Person per Class (Please inquire before-hand)

* ALL classes require pre-approval and pre-registration before attending; please inquire.  IF available, make-up classes require pre-approval and must be made up by month's or session's end.  Private and Semi-Private Instruction is currently being booked based on need and availability.*           

Private Lessons:
30-Minute Lesson:  $45.00 (Single or Couple)
55-Minute Lesson:  $80.00 (Single or Couple)
Private Lesson Packages are available as well as Semi-Private Lessons and Packages.

Individual Private Lessons, or Private Lesson Packages are ideal for Wedding Couples.
Wedding Party Group Lessons:
Semi-Private Lessons are available.  Rates vary based on number of people.
Wedding Party Routines:
A unique Wedding Party Routine can be choreographed for your special event.  Packages and rates dependent upon the number of participants, requested content and level of intricacy, and time required to develop and rehearse routine.

Registration and Payment:
Note:  To ensure your place in a specific class, advance registration is always suggested.
Class Registration, Private Lessons, or Packages Can Be Paid In Advance:
Visa, Mastercard, Paypal, In Person, or By Mail.  Sorry, we do not accept credit cards on-line - only in person or by phone.  Please make cheques payable to “Craig Hanlin”.
Please contact us for simple and easy information on registering via Paypal.

Policies, Cancellations, & Refunds:
Class Lessons:
Full payment must be received prior to the start of any class session.
No refunds after the start of a class session.
Missed classes must be made-up in another class by session's end.
Private Lessons:
30 or 55-Minute Private Lessons must be paid for in advance before scheduling.
All tuition payments are final.
Semi-Private Lessons are treated the same as a Private Lesson.
All Private Lessons are booked based on availability and need before purchase.
All Private Lessons require 48 hours’ notice for cancellations to avoid forfeiture (full rate will be charged).  If the lesson can be re-scheduled in the same week, the lesson will not be forfeited.
Private Lessons may be deferred for a documented medical excuse of inability to participate.

Private Lesson Packages:
These are generally purchased in blocks of 4 or 8, either 30-Minute Lessons, or 55-Minute Lessons.  A package can be catered to one's needs.  Please inquire for information and rates.

All Private Lesson Packages require a non-refundable deposit of $50.00 before scheduling.
All tuition payments are final.
Remaining balance of tuition must be paid at the beginning of first private lesson.
No refunds after the start of a package.
Semi-Private Lessons are treated the same as a Private Lesson.
4 Lesson Packages must be completed in 6 weeks.
8 Lesson Packages must be completed in 10 weeks.
In addition, see “Policies, Cancellations, & Refunds”.

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