Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  Do I need a partner to take group classes or private lessons?

A:  No.  Having a partner is helpful, but not necessary.  You need to learn your own part first before working with a partner.  If a partner is required for a specific class or workshoppe, it will be noted.

Q:  What happens in a class and how is it taught?

A:  During a class, the instructor usually has the men line up on one side, while the ladies line up on the other.  The instructor demonstrates both man’s and ladies’ steps in front of both lines so students may see and learn their parts alone.  Next, the instructor may demonstrate with a partner to allow students to see how their respective parts are integrated from dancing alone to dancing with a partner.  Finally music is added and two to three songs are danced with or without a partner.  Yes, class can be fast-paced.  Some students like to step out of line and practice on their own.  This is perfectly acceptable so no student feels uncomfortable or out of place.

Q:  Why do I have to register and pay for class sessions ahead of time – can’t I just come and take a class when I want and pay for it when I attend the class?

A:  Like any class, a dance instructor must prepare for class and needs a schedule to develop material that will be challenging and fun for students.

 Q:  Why should I take group lessons?

A:  A group lesson provides an environment for students to learn various dance styles with students who share a similar interest and afford them an opportunity to practice and learn from each other.  A group class also provides an affordable option to dance students of all levels and background.

 Q:  Why should I take a private lesson?

A:  A private lesson provides individual attention to the student that is not typically consistently provided in a group session.  A private lesson allows the student and instructor to identify personal areas of interest and design an approach that will focus on providing lessons and practice that is designed at the personal pace and level of the student.  Serious dance students consider private lessons as an essential ingredient to improving their dance skill level and enjoyment.

Q:  I could never learn to do what I have seen performed by top professional dancers on various television programs.  I have two left feet.  Why should I even try?

A:  Everyone can learn!  What you see on television should not be intimidating but should be a source of inspiration to begin like all dancers do – with the basics.  As you become more familiar through practice and confident with your dancing ability, you will begin to improve.  Yes, talent is key to becoming a dancing of world standing caliber but learning for everyone is really a question of what you put into it.

Q:  How long does it take for me to become a comfortable, basic dancer?

A:  It very much depends upon the individuals.  Consistent attention by attending class, watching professionals and practice helps students at all levels progress.

Q:  I see some studios offer such large packages.  Why don’t you?

A:  Quality and affordability are the best way to provide students with an opportunity to learn and enjoy dance.  Packages, including private lessons, which are developed as a personal learning program are available upon inquiry.




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