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2007 & 2008:  Toronto Studio/Anna's - Saturday Nite Social


August 2008:  Above Left:  In memory of Barb Swiatek who passed away October 2017.  Above and below pictures from Mama's Award Dance.

        (Mama & Yvette)

   November 2008:  Buffalo Studio - Yvette Helping Students        

July 2009:  Anna's Formation Team (Above)

March 2009:  Barb's Farewell Dance at Her Studio, A.D.S.     

    Toronto Studio:  December 2010   

2011:  Toronto & Buffalo:  Snowflake Dance with Karen; Anna's Gang; Anna; Popi (Below)



2012 (Below):




In Days of Old...Before Digital Cameras...Shows, Competitions, Pro-Ams, Media, Studio, Etc....Just a Few Scanned Photos (Below):






In Loving Memory of Aunt Winnie (above)

In Loving Memory of Anna (above):

For all you did for the dance community of Toronto and abroad.  You will be greatly missed.

October 2018.

My apologies - so many photos have been taken but have not found their way to this page.

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