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Toronto Dance Lessons!
Dance Classes & Private Lessons!
Private Lessons are taught at various locations and are based on need and availability - contact me for more information on booking a private lesson.
Only Open Group Classes available to the public will be listed here on this page.  If you are interested in forming a group class, please contact us to check availability.

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Anna's Dance Centre
622 Bloor Street, West
Toronto, ON

Anna Devuyst, Director:  CDTA  Fellow and Examiner    IDTA   ISTD

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Map of 622 Bloor Street W Toronto, ON CA by MapQuest
Studio:  416-536-8700
Phone:  416-880-2578   EMail:

Anna's Dance Centre

Due to the more recent passing of Anna, the studio is temporarily closed, but seems to be rented by other various dance groups/instructors - more information as it becomes available.

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