Rev. Craig Hanlin

Spiritual Advisor

"In Quiet, All Things Are Answered"

- Medium/Psychic -
- Clairvoyant - Clairaudient -

- Astrologer & Tarot Specialist -

Available For:
* In-Person & Phone Readings/Consultations *
* Classes * Lectures * Seminars * Home Parties * Message Services *

* Weddings * Baptisms * Funerals *


Please contact me for more information or an appointment:
Toronto Area:  416-880-2578
Buffalo Area:  716-693-0279


If you would like to be on my Mailing List to be notified of upcoming events, newsletters, related information, and psychic fairs in your area, please send me your email address/contact information.  Information is not shared with any other source.

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